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RO Water Purifier Customer Care Service Center, Toll Free Number For RO Repair, Installation And AMC All Over India

Call Customer Care RO Water Purifier for Water Purifier Service and Repair

What do you do when any of your household equipment like the mixer grinder or others stops operating or start malfunctioning, or you need any assistance regarding the operation of the same? Contacting the customer care number is the best option to get any required assistance as they have reached the experts in there. That is why Mr. service expert has got the team of the friendliest executives in their Water Purifier customer care number so that you can get perfect assistance at any point of time in a day or night.

For the better assistance of the customers, the Water Purifier customer care no operates for 24/7 for 365 days. This means, whatever the time maybe if you're facing any concern with the machine, give a call to the RO customer care number, and you’ll get the required assistance.

RO water purification System is one of the widely used & trusted RO water purifier systems in India and is providing non-stop service for a long time. Safe and pure drinking water is one of the fundamental necessities of our life and is highly recommended to drink only pure & healthy water to avoid any waterborne diseases. Contaminated water is the reason behind jaundice, cholera, diarrhea and other diseases and due to the increasing water pollution, the use of RO water purifiers has also increased a lot in the last few years. RO Water Purifier provides a great after sales or post-sales service even. The Water Purifier customer care facilities are available 24/7 for 365 days so that you can get the required assistance at any point in time.

Need Of Water Purifier Customer Care Center

Each water purifier needs periodic maintenance and servicing so that it gives the optimum performance. The RO purifier services ensure that the water purifier maintains the standard of production during the working period by purifying the water and maintaining the level of essential minerals.

Each & every complaint from the Water Purifier customers are handled on the most urgent basis to solve any types of service related issue of the purifier. Mr. service expert has the best professional service engineers to resolve any issue or complaints related to the RO water purifier. The skilled service engineers have the capability and experience of handling all types of RO water purifier related issues including repair of electrical parts like Solenoid (S.V), Booster pump, SMPS, Adapter, High-pressure switch, and other components. You need to give a call to the RO customer care number, and the necessary help will be provided to you, and that is also within the due time.

Servicing and maintenance of water purifier are much needed for undisrupted service of the system and for that we at Mr. service expert provide service of residential RO system at just Rs 300. There’re different types of AMC, i.e., Annual Maintenance Contract plans available at Mr. service expert who comes up with different services including free of cost replacement of any damaged parts of the water purification system. Contact Water Purifier customer care for more details regarding the various service schemes.

The availability of different option of AMC plans makes sure that you can select according to your requirement and budget. Different ideas come with various facilities. Some provide you with only servicing, and some even cover replacement of damaged parts without any additional cost. Get in touch with the RO customer care no to get the best updates on the same.

RO water purifier customer care

From the selection of the best suitable machine to the installation of the same along with complete after-sales service, enjoy all these under one roof of Mr. service expert. With the excellent support from the Water Purifier customer care number, we are providing our best service to every corner of the country.

Use RO Customer Care Number For in all Over India

RO Customer Care Locations Service Center Contact Number
Service Number +91-8506 09 7723
Complaint Number +91-9266 88 9940
Tollfree Number +91-8506 09 7723
RO Call Center Number +91-9266 88 9940
RO Helpline Number +91-8506 09 7723
RO Customer Service Number +91-8506 09 7723

Domestic RO

It converts impure water to sweet pure drinking water storage tank made of Poly Carbonate material and makes water taste better.

Commercial RO

The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water.

Industrial RO

industrial RO water purifier has purification capacity of 100 to 1000 litre per hour. It has a better innovative technology & schematic flow diagram.


Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible.

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Contact Water Purifier Service Center Number in India

Being the most trusted and known brand in the field of RO water purifiers, RO Water Purifier promise you good health through its safest and purest form of drinking water. The brand has a wide variety of RO purifiers, and you are bound to be spoilt for choice. RO Water Purifier Service Center offers you help to provide expert advice and assistance in selecting the right RO for yourself.

RO Water Purifier Service – Name to be Trusted

Water being the most critical need of every living being on earth, the demand for safe and purified drinking water is also on high demand. The RO Water Purifier Service Number is here at your service for any assistance right from the selection of the perfect purifier, maintenance of the same to change of any damaged part of the machine. Here in RO Water Purifier Service, we have the best team of trained professionals to provide you with the right solution at the right time and help you have the uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water. RO Water Purifier Service Number is open for its esteemed clients 24*7 round the year.

  RO Service Charges

  RO Repair Center

  RO Repair Service Center

Water Purifier Services Provided by RO Water Purifier Service Center Number

All machines are made with some specialized development or casing work which is hard to comprehend at the household level. There is a necessity for a very much prepared professional who understands the component and has the comprehension of the item to repair the subject according to the prerequisite.

Water monitor Ro client mind is an essential source through which the purchaser or the customer interacts with each other. Water purifier client mind gives administration to both clients of RO purifiers alongside different models of water purifiers. In any case, the question that emerges is that how to interact with those gifted specialists and take their assistance. However, there builds up an association over toll free numbers that the specialist organizations give, through these numbers we can converse with the experts share our concern and deal with it for the legitimate working of the purifier. Water protect client mind number is accessible over the web. The Ro mind India client mind number is available in the site of RO mind India. Water Purifier service center is at our doorstep to provide us water purifier related services.

How is Water Purification Necessary?

There are a few outlets for giving administrations to the customers, alongside this they additionally give house administrations like repairing and overhauling with re-establishment if required. Water protect benefit focus is available in better places all finished India. Water Purifier RO service is necessary to maintain the purity of water and ensure prolong function of water purifier.

The Mr. Service Expert

Ro water purifiers are used as a piece of all regions like private, business or mechanical divisions, and the ace specialists from the best Ro advantage center gives a 360-degree course of action about all kind of assistance regarding the same. Water Purifier service is also provided by the Mr. Service Expert, and as per client review, the service is quite efficient. The execution of the Ro purifiers depends upon the assurance of the perfect model and starting there the other criteria turns out to be conceivably the most vital factor. Achieving the Ro advantage number is the best way to deal with get a perfect help with each stage perfect from the soonest beginning stage of decision and purchase of the RO purifier. Water Purifier installation services are additional services provided along with the water purifier for free with the water purifier that is being bought by the client or customer.

The Way the RO Service Is Provided

There are particular models of Ro purifier open with different size and expenses. Water Purifier RO repair is also significant, and the service centers send technicians to the clients to avail this service. Like some have a higher amassing breaking point, or some go with an inbuilt cooling decision — this way the ace work power of the RO advantage number gives you the best course of action ensuing to considering particular substances like kind of livelihoods, nature of drinking water source, needed supply of the water and others. Water Purifier RO installation charges are not taken if the Water Purifier is bought through the Mr. Service Expert. The requirement of reinstallation is chargeable at a very minimum rate. Water Purifier installation services are essential or the 2nd step towards Water Purifier water purification.

The Point of Contact Water Purifier Service

It moreover gives an amazing after arrangements advantage. Given the regular uses, the RO purifier requires periodical altering and upkeep. Achieving the Ro advantage number guarantees that the ace expert or architects makes a quick visit and give an intelligent response for the same. Periodical redesigning constructs its practical level and besides gives a more stretched out future to the RO purifier. Water Purifier RO repair center is mainly home service because it is difficult to carry the purifier to the service center.

Without adjusting it is hard to deal with these items, and their need is high to the point that it can't be disregarded for one day. Water is essential, purifiers have turned out to be similarly imperative nowadays, and their administrations expand their utility. With these modern contraptions, life has turned out to be less stressful and more beneficial too.

Water Purifier RO service center number or Water Purifier service number is available on the internet or website of Mr. Service Expert and further proves to be helpful.

Water Purifier Repair Service Center in India

Water is a natural or universal solvent; thus it absorbs everything. Hence, all the harmful chemicals and pesticides from the factories and other sources get dissolved in the water. Normal filtration process only avoids the solid pollutants. Due to this, the instances of different waterborne diseases are increasing on every passing day. The RO service provides you with the best solution of getting pure drinking water, i.e., installation of Ro.

The RO or Reverse Osmosis is an advanced and latest technology which purifies the water most naturally to provide safe and pure drinking water. It is also found that the water from RO purifiers is healthier than boiled water as it maintains the level of the essential minerals.

How the Water Purifier Service Center Helps

Just installation of the RO doesn't mean that the issue is resolved for a lifetime. Due to continuous use, there is a need for regular repair and servicing. The Water Purifier service center has the team of the most experienced and professional engineers who provide an intelligent solution regarding any issue with the RO purifier. Just give a call to the RO service center number and get a solution to every problem related to Ro.

The service charges are also as per the market standard. Along with the regular Water Purifier service, the service center also provides the option of the full range of AMC plans to the customers to give them the best benefits.
Different AMC plan comes with various features and facilities; thus the AMC plans enables the customer to select from different option which is suitable as per their need. The Water Purifier Service Center also provides the customer with 100 % original and genuine spare parts whenever required to be replaced so that the Ro operates at an optimum level and have a longer lifespan.

So, get the expert service of the Water Purifier service center at the most reasonable service charges along with regular maintenance and service for the best performance and longer lifespan with just a single call to the RO service number.

Instant Solutions to the Customers regarding RO Water Purifier Repair:

Water Purifier service center near me

Water Purifier Service Center offers a series of service to the people. The basic services include:

  • Information: The Water Purifier service number numbers are available 24*7 to answer to all types of queries related to RO purifier.
  • Installation: Installation of Ro is the first and foremost part; here they provide quality installation of RO purifier machine at home as well as at commercial places. And after the installation, they will provide with detailed knowledge of how to use it.
  • Maintenance: Having a good RO purifier machine is good, but if one does not maintain the quality checks, no device will last long without giving adverse results. It offers the best quality maintenance services 365 days, at home as well as at commercial places. The charges of the services which the serviceman will charge are very nominal and competitive.
  • Repair: In case of any disturbance or if any parts of the Water Purifier breaks down one can quickly call the RO service center number and book appointments. The service engineers will visit and repair or do the needful. RO Repair is a very delicate issue being handled by highly qualified professionals.
  • Plans: AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contracts. The RO AMC is an extended warranty contract, under this contract, the services will be given free of cost along with many other benefits. The AMC will help one to lead a tension free life, as the serviceman will be liable to give quality and fast service at your doorstep.

At Mr. service expert we offer you with the complete solution regarding water purification system. Be it for purchasing of Ro or installation or other after-sales services like servicing and maintenance, replacement of damaged parts or anything related to Ro, get the best Water Purifier service from Mr. service expert.


Service Charge for Domestic Ro - Rs. 300 (Three Hundred Rupees).

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro - Rs.500 (Five Hundred Rupees).

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
2 AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
3 AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
4 AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
5 AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5 AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plan 1: Purifier maintenance that includes basic servicing.
Plan 2: Inclusive of plan 1 and also includes the maintenance of filters.
Plan 3: Inclusive of plans 1 & 2 and maintenance of electrical parts.
Plan 4: Inclusive of plans 1, 2 & 3 and maintenance of the filter membrane.
Plan 5: Maintenance of services, filters, membranes, electrical parts.
Plan 6: Inclusive of all the services provided from plan1- plan 5 plus emphasis on maintenance of faulty parts.

Terms & Conditions

1. Three Periodical Services (On demand),
2. Any additional visit during AMC Period by intimation,
3. Contract Period:12 Months,
4. Payment in favor of 3D Logic Pvt Ltd,
5. Price of AMC may be increase according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses,
6. We uses Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.

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