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Why Regular Service & Maintenance Of AC Is important

The importance of air conditioner maintenance can not be stressed enough. As we all know, the air conditioner is the integral part of our lives, but should we not take care of it? Whether it's your home or office, it is necessary to avoid sporadic malfunctions in an HVAC system. Along with AC, dust and grime become your best friend too. They are the main culprit behind all problems in your air conditioning system. You can not have any other option but regular maintenance of your air conditioner. Sometimes, if the place is dust-free, you should at least follow regular maintenance two times a year. 

If you are willing to know the necessary time frame, then it would be spring and fall. During spring, you will have to make everything prepare and gear up for the summer, which is the perfect time. However, there are other advantages too. If you do preventive maintenance, you will be able to carefully examine the system and see if any noticeable problems might require a call to the professional from your end. In that way, you will be able to detect the issues early! Let's now look into the other details. 

Air Conditioner Coils 

If you own an air conditioner, you are known for the AC's evaporator coil and condenser coil. They collect dirt and dust so that you can enjoy the cold and fresh air. If you maintain your AC regularly, the filter will prevent the evaporator coil from soiling super quickly. Furthermore, the job of the evaporator coil is to collect dirt so it will continue doing so. 

But, the maintenance will not let the airflow get reduced by any means and the ability to absorb the heat. Most of the time, you will notice that the machine is taking way too long to make the place cool and comfortable. That's because nothing but lack of regular maintenance. To avoid this problem, you must check your evaporator coil every three to four months, especially during summer days, and clean it as necessary. 

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Sometimes, the outdoor condensation coil can also get dirty if you are living in any area where there is too much dust around. You can look at it, and you will notice that the coil is collecting the dirt on its fins. You can clean the area around the coil to minimize the debris and dirt around the condenser unit.


Air Conditioner Filters 

If you are still wondering what is the essential part of an AC that you need to keep clean and properly maintained, then this is the one. It will ensure the efficiency of your unit, and that's why you need to make a routine of cleaning it and change it at times. If the machine has clogged and dirty filters, it will block the airflow and reduce the system's efficiency. You need to clean the dirt or even change the filters if needed. Filter changing part, you can not do it yourself, and you need to call a professional for that. 

Also, you will be glad to know that some kinds of filters are reusable, and some are meant to be replaced. You should keep checking them and replace the filters every two or three months if you do not want to ac to lose efficiency. Filters might need some frequent attention from your end, especially during the summer months.

Condensate Drain 

You haven't noticed, but there is a stiff wire through the unit's drain channels. In case the channel is clogged, it will reduce the humidity, and you will get to feel more moisture. In this case, you will be noticing discoloration of the walls or carpets.

Coin Fins 

You must have noticed the aluminum fins located on the condenser and the evaporator as well. The fins are easily blendable, and it will also block the airflow through the coil. You can buy a fin comb, and by that, you will be able to comb them back into their original condition. 

Hence, we have discussed why maintaining your AC is the most important thing, and you should do it regularly.  

Final Thoughts 

Maintaining your air conditioner is essential, and you should do it to avoid further damage. You should do it to ensure the most efficient outcome! We understand when you do not want to spend a lot of money on a professional, but you should also understand a few things.